CHILL: HEMP + Anti-Anxiety
CHILL: HEMP + Anti-Anxiety

CHILL: HEMP + Anti-Anxiety

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~ Alleviates Anxiety 

~ Mood Enhancement 

~ Relieves Stress

~ Relaxing & Calming

HEMPAVIDA CHILL: ANTI-ANXIETY & STRESS RELIEF - Alleviates anxiety symptoms, relieves stress, relaxes social situations, and naturally stabilizes mood swings.

EFFECTIVE:  HEMPAVIDA is a natural yet effective way to relieve tension and give you a sense of well-being so you can be more relaxed, positive, and an overall better mood without drowsiness or fatigue side-effects. 

ACCURATE DOSE: 10mg of premium, pure hemp extract. 300mg of Hemp per bottle. 

ORGANIC FARMING PRACTICES: Extracted from hemp plants grown on nationally certified farms 

TESTED: 3rd party tested, high quality premium supplements, made with non-GMO ingredients