DREAM by HEMPAVIDA - A bedtime story

cbd for sleep and insomnia

Call it insomnia or just terrible sleep routines, my journey to find the solution to a deep, well-rested night sleep has been a bumpy road. As a busy, constantly-stressed professional, I’ve had 15+ years of long days, sleepless nights, and juggling international time zones. I can be hard to “turn-it-off” in the evenings to fall asleep. As tired as I’d be, eyes burning and total exhaustion, my head would hit the pillow and the mental checklists would start. 

I’m one of those people who says “I’ve tried it all!”

Everything from evening yoga, to a new mattress and cool sheets. Sometimes I’d try falling asleep to the TV only to wake up blurry-eyed to some obnoxious infomercial. Sometimes I’d try reading on my Kindle or YouTube on my phone, but it was like I was tethered to a device 24-7. I’ve tried Ambien and herbal sleep aids, but all had side-effects like “morning-fog” or didn’t keep me asleep. My parents would always tell me “just take an Ambien,” but recent research studies report that it can be addictive and cause serious side-effects like memory loss, depression, and anxiety, which wasn’t worth it. Some of the other OTC options would knock me out before I was actually relaxed which caused an intense stressed-out sleep and I’d wake up groggy and irritated.

About 5 years ago I was sent an article about the benefits of CBD.

My neighbor had just moved to Colorado because their daughter suffered from Epileptic seizures and the only remedy that worked was CBD - and it REALLY worked. Their daughter’s seizure episodes reduced over 90% and went from having multiple a day to the occasional 1-2 every couple months. Since CBD was still illegal at the time in most states, they had to travel to Colorado and sneak it back to Florida, eventually deciding to make the move permanent to have easy access to this critical remedy for their daughter. 

I was curious - how could something so beneficial be illegal?

The more I researched Hemp for an insomnia remedy, the more I learned about the incredible benefits for many other ailments. In fact, since the 1940’s, before it was restricted as an illegal substance, scientists have been publishing a number of articles around the biochemistry, pharmacology and clinical effects/benefits of CBD. In the last 10 years since the deregulation and legalization of CBD in certain states there has been a substantial increase in scientific findings for improving sleep, inflammation, anxiety and depression, arthritis, inflammation, cramps, migraine headaches, nausea, PTSD and psychotic disorders, and increasing an overall sense of well-being. In some studies, it had impressive effects on patients with Lupus and cancer growth.

Through my research looking specifically for a sleep aid, I found that Hemp CBD interacts with pathways in the body to deliver these health and sleep benefits, but doesn’t bind with receptors in the brain and nervous system, which is why it doesn’t cause a psychoactive effect (getting high); unlike Marijuanna/THC which does get you high. It plays a big part in the sleep-wake cycle related to the circadian processes. It also reduces anxiety, pain, and other factors that likely play a part in interrupting sleep.

I embarked on a mission to harness the full-potential of this incredible little seed and bring it to market for a variety of ailments.

Selfishly, the first on my list was a really great sleep aid that was calming, gets me to deep sleep fast, keeps me asleep through the night, and wake up feeling well-rested. After thorough research and development, we created a unique blend - DREAM by HEMPAVIDA with these desired effects and benefits at the core of our mission. I hope you enjoy your best Dreams with HEMPAVIDA!

  • Kelly Yocum, CEO, HEMPAVIDA