I have a confession to make. For the last 10 years I’ve been secretly using hemp oil on my skin. I’ve always had people ask me what my skincare routine is and there’s always been a negative stigma around “cannabis” as an illegal drug that gets you high, I would simply reply – “I exfoliate and keep a jar of eye cream on my desk!” While this is true, I usually left out the part about using 100% hemp oil as well. Now that it’s become legal in all 50 states, and becoming more understood as an incredible skin care product (that doesn’t have a psychedelic effect), I want everyone to be able to experience this wonderful gift from nature! 

I’ve spent my career as a busy marketing and events executive so I live out of a suitcase and airports around the globe. Being on-the-go I found that keeping a facial sheet mask with me was a quick way to refresh, hydrate and sooth my skin on the plane. I started paying attention to the masks that worked, and those that had fragrance, alcohol and dried my skin out. I also got tired of buying so many different products for each purpose. For example, I’d buy an anti-aging product but it would dry my skin and I'd have to use a separate moisturizer, then I'd need a third to keep in hydration in addition to cleanser, serum, etc. On top of that, I have sensitive skin and I always use sunscreen so I’d have to find toners to prevent my pores getting clogged causing break-outs.As I started paying attention to the ingredients I realized that most of them use the same formulas. It became clear many companies make more money if they sell each one as an individual product. I also noticed how many companies use chemicals and cheap fillers that I wouldn’t want on my skin. 

My mom suffers from painful arthritis and she could't find anything to give her relief. I sent her some topical hemp oils from California and Colorado to try and she claims it's the only remedy that alleviates her pain. Witnessing her pain first-hand was heart-wrenching. Being able to see the pain virtually wiped away was a blessing and it made me a believer in the medicinal benefits of hemp. 

I have since been on a mission to harness the powerful cannabis plant and transform the way we care for our skin, free of harsh chemicals and fragrances found in almost all other skincare products. By infusing HEMPAVIDA’s proprietary blend of 100% pure hemp (0% THC), plus plant-based ingredients derived from nutrient rich antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, we created a powerful natural anti-aging formula that regenerates skin cells, while improving elasticity, hydration and moisture retention, healing and soothing damaged or blemished skin, resulting in youthful, supple, firm, toned skin. 

Our early adopters have consistently reported the following benefits: 



Firms & Tightens 

Improves elasticity 

Fights free radicals 

Moisture & hydration 

Cellular regeneration 

Smooths wrinkles & lines 

Soothing anti-inflammatory 

Heals blemishes & irritation 

Tones with natural astringent 

Replenishes vitamins & minerals 

Boosts protein production 

Restores sun damaged skin 

Plumps up sagging skin 

Brightens complexion 

Balances oily skin 

Heals dry skin 

As we continue to develop new products we are committed to this holistic approach to skin care and I look forward to hearing your feedback about how HEMPAVIDA has improved your skin!

Kelly Yocum

Founder & CEO